The Secret Handshake Gang

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The Secret Handshake Gang are a group of friends who began playing disc golf together in 2002. Our Club promotes disc golf as a healthy activity for all people with the volunteer work they do. Whether they are competing, building courses, holding tournaments, or giving a kid their first disc they GIVE of themselves for the LOVE of the game. They share that with all who will listen as it is our hope to extend a HAND of friendship and enhance the quality of life to all who embrace the sport.


Todd Lewis – (PDGA #22388)

Todd-Lewis-smTodd is active in many disc golf activities and clubs in addition to his course design projects. Todd is also the President of the Carly Jean Lewis Playground Non – Profit organization. While his primary career is an insurance professional for AAA, Todd is an enthusiastic promoter of disc golf for all people and their communities. In regards to his game, he plays the Am Master division and his strengths are in his approach and putting skills. Todd is committed to improving the quality of life for others thru disc golf.


Scott Lammers (PDGA #26994)

Scotty-Face-smScott Lammers is a retired business man and you can find him on a course several times a week. A fine disc golfer, Scott plays the Pro Master division and has won many local tournaments. He has donated his time and treasure to Carly’s Playground and the support of our Discs for Kids program. Scott is passionate about sharing the disc golf experience with his son’s friends and any beginner to the game. Scott is the course Pro and Senior Advisor of the Carly Jean Lewis Playground.


Josh Johnston (PDGA #52858)

Josh-Johnston-Angel-Photo-smAlways a positive and friendly presence, Josh is a local pro and definitely one to watch. As a team member, we can always count on Josh to support the cause in any way needed. Whether its course improvements or visiting a local school, there is no doubt that Josh cares. It seems Josh and his wife Julie are starting their own disc golf team with the recent arrival of their 3rd son!


Jake Kohler (PDGA #35673)

012-smJake plays the Am 1 division, but on a good day, I would put him up against many Pros. With long drives and fearless putting, we have seen him capture 1st place wins on many occasions. In addition, he has hit quite a few Aces on the course. Jake is a solid player who rarely misses a tournament or charity event.


Eric Lucyk (PDGA #32270)

Eric-Lucyk-Ice-Bowl-Pic-smEric is very active in promoting Disc Golf. He has introduced the game to many young people with our Disc’s for Kids program. In addition, Eric and his family hold an annual Ice Bowl event

Which raises funds and groceries for the senior meals on wheels program. I asked him why he gives so much of his time to the sport and he said there were many reasons like… It keeps me active, It’s affordable, I meet some great people, I Love the walks thru beautiful parks, he loves sharing his knowledge with new players and promoting the game. Eric is a true ambassador of the game!


Rick Boyd (PDGA #56395)

rick-boydOur oldest team member who plays the Grand Master division, Rick recently won the Carly Lewis Memorial. Rick makes time to be available for whatever helps our cause. He has cheerfully contributed countless hours. A true friend of disc golf and our community we are fortunate to have him on our team. Rick says the game keeps me young! Because its great exercise and you can play at your own pace everyone can participate. He loves the people he meets and believes it’s a wonderful activity to fight obesity for a healthy lifestyle.


Cheryl Oliverius

Cheryl-Oliverious-smOur only female competitor, she is a shiny new talent. Cheryl was a casual player for years but in her very first tournament she took 1st place. We are truly looking forward to following her promising future of competition. Always sporting a big smile Cheryl brings her joy to the team. Cheryl is expecting her first baby and we look forward to a new talent.


Tracy Fagan (PDGA #37565)

Tracy FaganTracy has been Disc Golfing for nearly 15 years now. As a member of the Team and the Secret Handshake Gang Tracy plays the Am Master Division. As a UPS driver by day he also delivers on the course. Tracy has one of the straightest up shots in the game. Tracy has helped with our Non-Profit from the very beginning from course maintenance to assisting with our tournaments. Tracy is also a member of the Carly Jean Lewis Playground Board.


Matthew Bloom (PDGA #75635)

Matthew BloomIt’s been rewarding watching Matthew improve at this sport. Our youngest team member at age 17, Matthew is also Team Captain and competes with players much older than him and has been chalking up a pretty impressive win record. With a long drive and solid putting, We are looking forward to seeing him progress!


Glen Eisenhauer (PDGA #63378)

Glen EisenhauerGlen or Big G has held charity events and assisted in many disc golf projects. Big G plays the Am Master division and his game has improved immensely in recent years. Very consistent on the course, nothing seems to rattle him much. He is looking forward to helping grow and develope the Amateur tournament player base by offering a tournament series for just for them.


Tom Harrigan

Tom HarriganTom or Harry Bob is another Secret Handshake Gang Member who has been playing for over a dozen years now. This Angel will play in most any weather 52 weeks a year, no kidding. He will tape a ribbon on his disc so he can play in the snow! He has been helpful in many areas including assistant Tournament director at some of our largest events. He Loves Disc Golf and because of him, we have one of the best Disc Golf clubs ever in the Secret Handshake Gang.


Todd Sutton

lil-toddTodd Sutton affectionately known as little Todd plays the Am Master division and is one of the most enthusiastic players we know. We are fortunate as Todd performs more work on our courses than anyone. He also assisted in the design and implementation of the East Jordan Community Park Disc Golf course established in 2014.


Matt Lakanen (PDGA #60965)

Matt LakanenMatt moved up in ranks recently, he plays the Open Pro Division and has had some success. Matt is willing to help when needed. Like many of us he never gets tired of watching those discs fly. When everyone else is done Matt will still be out there practicing one of his putting styles. He joined the team in 2015!