Disc Golf Course Design and Installation

Hole-9-Carlys-Playground-smOur mission is to provide a positive attraction, beautiful atmosphere and escape, while staying focused on the details our clients communicate to us. What we do is our life’s passion and exceeding expectations is always our goal. You will never be disappointed with what we have to offer.

We love disc golf; we want to share that love with others by building more courses in more places. C.J.L.P. relies on sponsorship and donations to continue our work with today’s youth. However, we prefer to earn your support.

Signature disc golf design is the primary way we do this. No challenge is too large or small for our staff of talented designers and artists. We specialize in professional, recreational and theme based course design and will travel anywhere in the USA and abroad to bring the joy of this sport to your community. We focus on vacation resorts and destinations and colleges as this is a wonderful amenity for the entire family.

We have also designed several 9 hole courses which are ideal Carlys-Playground-Staff-smfor schools, parks and even your own private property. A smaller 9 hole course can be designed and installed for less than a piece of playground equipment.

Our signature is our custom Carly Neon Pink Baskets, which are the first of their kind. They are highly visible and the very popular with disc golf players. There are few who are more qualified to provide a safe, fun and challenging course. We also remain conscious of the environmental impact and other activities that reside within the space provided.

Disc-Golf-Course-growthWe place great emphasis on safety. A disc golf course in itself will draw players and all courses are listed on the PDGA website giving touring and traveling players some basic information of the course and its location. However, a well designed course will keep them coming back and create a buzz that will help your course stand out. We want you to know that we offer much more than a well designed course.

What sets us apart is our focus on artistic and natural beauty. We integrate our photographer and graphic design artist to provide theme based landscaping, course maps and signage. We take pride in knowing that even a person who doesn’t play disc golf would enjoy a walk on the courses we create. We enhance and bring your property to life for players and spectators alike. 

Our Disc Golf Course Design Goals are as follows…

1. Satisfaction: Satisfy the Disc Golf Course Design requirements of the people and organizations who approve use of the land and fund the equipment for the course. This should be consistent with the budget and design needs.

2. Safety: Is the Disc Golf Course Design safe for both players and non-players who may pass near or through the course.

3. Flow: One of the most important aspects of a well designed disc golf course is flow and how easy it is to find the next tee. A great disc golf course design needs to be done on site and may require walking the property for a number of days. One should be familiar with the entire property to establish a good flow prior to the design process.

4. Fun: Is the Disc Golf Course Design fun for all players? The course should serve not only beginners but players with advanced skills. With the potential for multiple configurations and pin placements there is opportunity to have lots of choices, players like variety. A well designed course can have multiple layouts in the same space.

5. Balance: The Disc Golf Course Design should be a well balanced course with a wide range of hole lengths and a good mixture of holes requiring controlled left, right and straight throws. Some holes may require you to throw under a low canopy ceiling, over obstacles and water, or around rough areas. That requires an intimate knowledge of the flight patterns of the latest golf discs, familiarity with the state-of-the-art of course design, and an understanding of how a course will compare with other courses in the region.

6. Maximize Land Features: The key to success is making the best possible use of the existing features of each property. The Disc Golf Course Design should utilize elevation changes and available foliage as well as possible. Highlight unique features of the land such as old trees and rock formations. Take care to minimize potential damage to foliage and reduce the chances for erosion.

Custom Disc Logo Designs

Another service that we offer is creating custom logo designs for your discs.  This is a great way to advertise your business or event, parties, gifts, etc…

Here are some examples of our custom designs that we have created: