Carly’s Playground

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Carly’s Playground Reviews


Dan CarriganJune 12, 2012

Awesome course designed by Gregg Hosfeld and built with love in remembrance of Carly Lewis. With 2 tee pads and 2 permanent baskets on every hole, this course provides some really fun and challenging layouts, with the Blue Pads to Blue Baskets being the toughest, obviously, but the others are no joke. Lots of holes that make you want to just stand there and empty your bag, because they are so fun to throw. Well worth checking out. If you can make it through more than 2 rounds in a day here, I commend you! Bring your hiking shoes and stretch first, cause it’s a workout.

Ken “Sega Salt” MooteSeptember 28, 2012

Straight amazing course on a ski slope. The elevation is presented to the highest degree. LABELED WELL with beautiful tee signs and markings to next hole’s.Two baskets and two tee pads every hole. The short baskets are the brightest of pink and can be seen a mile away, the long baskets are dark blue (all brand new mach five’s). The tee pads are carpet, I honestly liked them.From short to short it’s mainly all short holes and not too difficult but a lot of fun shots, still the hike alone is a challenge. Long to long has a couple par 4’s for sure, beautiful pin placements with deadly drop offs, technical woods shots to open crushes. No water, one pond but if you throw in it then you should not be playing here. Don’t ever miss out, this AMAZING course was put in memory to a young woman named Carly. Much more but i’d be talking forever. enjoy AND IT’S FREE!!!!

Brennan BAugust 6, 2012

The layout of the four courses means that the course can challenge top tier pro’s or be a great beginner course for anyone, at the same time. The blue to blue (longest layout) is truly an exciting challenge and the elevation is awesome. Great Course!

Mike DurcoJune 11, 2012

Right away this is a top 5 Michigan course!!! Great variety! Your entire range of shots is tested off the tee, on upshots and putts…..on all 4 layouts!!! 2 tees (Blue and Pink) and 2 baskets (Blue and Pink) on EVERY hole!!!!!!! Super fun elevation on a bunch of holes. Epic shots on #9 and #17. Amazing pin placements on so many holes!!! I can’t wait to get back to play again! It makes for an AWESOME Tournament venue!

Greg SilosJune 27, 2012

Not for the faint of heart. Mentally and physically challenging. Bring your A game and plenty of water with a snack, now ENJOY…this course is awesome! Par (3) must be earned on most holes and bad shots are punished thoroughly. Tee pad signs are a heartfelt and thoughtful tribute to Carly and her family, well done.