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Tom Harrigan October 26, 2012

This is fun. You MUST grab a map or you’ll never figure out the course. More signage/marking needs to be done. Flags mark tee boxes, hole number on garbage buckets at tees. Natural tees. Some shots play near houses and driveways. Be careful. Be on the lookout for other chuckers and neighborhood kids who ride their bikes through here. No one else wants a Harry Potter scar. This is a family neighborhood so be respectful with language etc at all times.

William Palchak June 7, 2013

This is truely a great course. A group of us go on a week vacation every year, we hit flip city, luddington and then traverse city. We are all from the metro Detroit area. We decided to check this course out since it was 5 minutes from the camp ground we were staying at. Completely worth it. A buddy of mine aced hole 13 while playing with Uncle Todd himself also we were invited for a glow round that night which is now my favorite round of disc golf I have ever played. This course is very short holes but the difficulty is still there phenomenal for glow rounds and great to work on mid range technicality. Thank you Uncle Todd for the hospitality and the wonderful courses in traverse city!!!

Blair BSeptember 16, 2014

Absolutely great what Todd did to an area that was once full of trash and blight. Now it is a neat place for people of all ages to get out and enjoy a healthy sport. The course is very short and full of trees but it gives you an opportunity to work on your control. Given what that the builders had to work with it is really quite remarkable what they have done with very little space. My rating is an A- because of innovation and cause. Disk Golf should be more than just throwing disks at baskets. By taking a neglected, poorly taken care of piece of city owned land and creating a fun place to Frolf for everyone they are contributing to a culture that promotes the sport and perpetuates community involvement through good deeds and sport. Well done guys. With a little bit of brush clearing A for sure. Don’t forget to check out some of the local causes the course supports.

Shawn mccollamMay 29, 2013

Deff need a map only cause its such a huge course in a small area. A good challenge for anyone.

Jason KarleDecember 30, 2012

Nice technical course, quite différent from everything else up here. A little snip here and there and it will be much better.

Rick LittleFebruary 7, 2013

Fun little approach and putt course. It is pretty technical to make up for the lack of distance and when it fills in in the summer it is extra tight. Great course to work on approaches and short mid-range drives. This course also makes a very nice glow course thanks to uncle Todd’s solar lights on the tee pads as well as lights on the baskets.

Chris JefferyAugust 20, 2013

A truely unique course offering technical drives and death trap putts. it demands a wide variety of shots and if executed just right, an ace may be awarded. Some holes share baskets and thus navigating the course can take a bit of thinking, however, all 24 holes are in a fairly centralized woods, so you won’t stray far from the next hole. Our group made a trip up north happened to stumble upon this course, and had a great time. Throw todd some cash for a glow round if ur around!

Matthew BloomMay 23, 2013

best round in a really long time