Our Sponsors

We would like to thank the businesses and families who have supported our work in so many ways. More than just an advertisement opportunity, these wonderful people have shared their time and treasure because they believe in what we are doing. Our ultimate goal is to make as much goodness come out of this loss and tragedy as possible.

Disc golf is a healthy activity that gets people out into our parks and immersed in nature. Unlike other sports and games, disc golf is free to play which makes it accessible to everyone. Patience, technique, focus and strategy are every bit as important as athletic ability and each individual will find some success on the course. We believe that those who embrace the game will have a quality life and those benefits pay dividends to them and the community they reside in for a lifetime. The social interaction and personal friendships that are experienced while participating are vital in providing a sense of pride and belonging. Please join us, no gift is too small, and together we can make a difference. In doing so, those we offer our hand of friendship to will share that love with others.

In our opinion, this is how we change the world.


Todd C. Lewis